NYCC Recap!

Though Renegade is a San Diego Comic Con veteran (perks of being local!), this was our first time exhibiting at New York Comic Con. It was a great show with lots of demos and fun had by all. Read on to hear about our adventures every day!



This was setup and game learning day! It didn’t take us very long at all to set up our booth. We only brought four titles, since we expected attendees to be new to the gaming world. We had The Tea Dragon Society Card Game, Ghostbusters: The Card Game, and Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game available for purchase and demo, while Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid was only available for demo.

After getting everything ready for the weekend, we grabbed a bite to eat and spent the rest of the evening learning games together! Nothing like team bonding before the chaos of an open exhibit hall!

Thursday - Sunday:

As soon as the exhibit hall opened, the rest of the weekend was an absolute blur! Time flew by in a whirl of games, cosplays, and hordes of fans stopping at our booth.

We were situated right across from our friends at Oni Press and BOOM! Studios. It was perfect to be able to send people back and forth between our booths. We would talk about our games and recommend they check out the corresponding comic series.

Fans of the comic or artwork in Tea Dragon Society and Scott Pilgrim would stop by constantly to learn more about the game.

The demo table with our Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid prototype was full all the time too! We had a lot of backers of the game stop by to try out the gameplay. It was really special to interact with fans who supported our biggest project yet. We even recognized a lot of them from the Heroes of the Grid Facebook group! Everyone left with a smile on their faces, even if they didn’t end up beating the boss monster. We had a blast playing with all sorts of Rangers, and even got some Putty Patrollers excited about the game too!

Of course, since we were in NYC, there were a bunch of Ghostbusters everywhere! We tried to catch hold of as many as we could find and show them the game! After playing, most picked up their own copy! They ain’t afraid of no ghosts!