SHUX Recap


We spent last weekend in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia at SHUX 2018! Shut Up & Sit Down are some of our favorite reviewers, so we were super excited to attend their second annual Expo, show our support, and play some games!

We were one of many exhibitors at the show who were focused on teaching games to attendees. A local Vancouver game store, Starlit Citadel, partnered with us to sell our games and they had an impressive selection of the Renegade catalog!

In addition to demos, attendees were able to check out games from the SHUX Game Library, attend panels given by SUSD members and Special Guests, and buy awesome merch to support the show!

We had four tables of demos (Spell Smashers, Bargain Quest, Gunkimono, and Arboretum) that were full practically all weekend. The only time our demoers experienced any lull was at the end of the day when people left to find food! We chose to feature upcoming releases and titles that had previously earned the approval of SUSD.

We ran two events over the weekend - an Arboretum tournament and a Spell Smashers tournament. Check out the winner’s impressive Arboretum! Those Maple trees definitely earned him mega points. We had two winners for Spell Smashers! They opted to smash some spells together in celebration instead of the traditional victorious high five.

All in all it was an excellent show and we’re already looking forward to next year! The next show that you’ll find a bunch of Renegades at is SPIEL in Essen, Germany from Oct 25-28. See you there!