PAX Unplugged - Nov 17-19, 2017

This past weekend Renegade Games Studios attended a new convention called Pax Unplugged, in Philadelphia, PA! 


PAX host several events thought the year and is primarily a video game convention, but they expanded to have its own tabletop edition. As a board game publisher, we were super excited for this opportunity to join a new convention and invite new and veteran gamers to play our titles!

Renegade Game Studios was proud to debut Pie Town, Kepler-3042, Planet Defenders, Shipwrights and Explorers of the North Sea this convention. Their scheduled releases to be mid December 2017! Check your local retailer for preorders today!


Wednesday night we had a scheduled event at Family Fun Hobbies in NJ, which is about an hour outside of Philly. This was great we had a bunch of tables going with gamers learning and playing Renegade games!



We were teaching the new Pie Town! Set to hit stores December 13, 2017, this is a dice worker-placement game. You never roll the dice but you are using them to collect apples and other specialty ingredients to try and make the best pies! You have a secret pie that others are trying to deduce to steal your recipe. As you take actions you are leveling your strength and will get better actions as the game progresses.


We had an amazing time and met some great fans! It was fun to see them again during the convention as well!



Thursday was the official set up for our booth. Since our booth was ginormous we actually had to wait for the union laborers to set it up. While we waited for them we got to play some games with the demo team!

We had a few different tables going on but with a focused learning game of Kepler-3042. This is one of our new titles and wanted to make sure we had appropriate candidates to demo this during the con.

In Kepler-3042 you are choosing an action each turn to help gather resources, improve your technologies, explore the Galaxy to discover new planets and maybe colonize them if you traveled far enough. With your own personal pool of resources you have to manage the supplies wisely throughout the game.


Explorers of the North Sea was another one being played. This is the 3rd game in the North Sea Trilogy. The first is Shipwrights of the North Sea followed by Raiders of the North Sea.


In Explorers each Viking team is branching out into the sea to try and find colonies and search the lands to collect livestock and build outposts. With several ways of collecting victory points you can focus on a particular avenue and go for it. You will be placing a tile down each turn expanding the board and creating a unique map of water passageways and different islands.

Before heading to dinner Matt from the Demo team had an amazing surprise for us. With Pie Town being a new release, he found it appropriate to share small Pies with everyone on the team!! Amazingly generous and delicious! We had to grab a photo of those amazing pies!


Back at the hotel there was a quick game of Topiary being played! This game set to release Q1 By Renegade Game Studios!



Topiary is a super fast tile placement game where you are placing Meeples on rows and columns to see beautiful Topiaries. You get points depending on what you can see and the heights of the bushes. We all had a great time!

Friday was the first official day of the convention. We were there bright eyed and bushy tailed waiting for the excitement. This was our amazing demo team!!


We had several scheduled events this convention! Our first event of the con was a Clank! Tournament. Some players were new to Clank! while some had played before. The winners of each game got to play again in a finals and the winner received a PAX medal!



Another awesome event was the industry panel. Scott Gaeta [President, Renegade Game Studios], Justin Ziran [President, WizKids], Mike Webb [VP Customer Service, Alliance Game Distributors], Travis Severance [Owner, Millennium Games], Tom Vasel [Owner, The Dice Tower], Richard Ankney [Game Trade Media] was the MC. 


During the hour there were a lot of current board game insights and anticipated projections for the future being discussed. Hearing for the retailer, distributor, publishers, and media is eye opening and thoughtful.  They discussed topics including creating and maintaining demand at retail stores, designing games for the current market, and the responsibilities of professionals in the industry .  Everyone had a say in their opinion on Kickstarters and how that it is its own entity. Kickstarter is a tool that can help bring to life new and interesting ideas, but can be a challenge for hobby retailers.

It finalized with an overall consensus that the board game industry is at its all time high and still shows to be a growing market. More and more gamers every year which means more and more games are being produced. The top quality we are getting in our boxes today are setting the standard for what a board game should be and what is expected. Who knows when, but there will be a plateau, but as we are seeing it, we are at the best of times!

Saturday was another day full of events to attend and the one day that the con completely sold out. The booth was busy and the people were happy. We had a few Guest designers show their games at our booth. We had Nate Bivins the designer of Sundae Split, David Wilkinson, Designer of Castles of Caladale, and Christopher Chung the designer of  Lanterns: The Harvest Festival!



Late at night was a Fuse Tournament! This was a best score out of 3 games. Our new Marketing Coordinator, Steph Hodge had never played FUSE so she jumped in with one of the teams. She had a great time playing this intense real time game! The winning team was amazing and defused all the bombs first each round. They all had a great time and the victorious team was caught on camera with these huge smiles and their luxurious Pax Medals for winning the tournament!


Sunday was the final day of the convention and more family focused. Mandi Board Game Pin-up Girl of the Dice Tower hosted a special Renegade event, Family Games 2.0, catering to this family centric crowd!

Mandi teaching  Dragon's Hoard

Mandi teaching Dragon's Hoard

This was a super awesome time for families to come together and learn some our our titles. Mandi still had her voice after demoing for the 2 days prior, but was an amazing teacher and mentor for everyone.

This was a 2 hour event and she taught Sundae Split, Lotus, and Dragons Hoard! Once the event was over, the families got to keep the games they just learned and we snapped a group photo! It is so rewarding to see such joy from kids and parents when playing and enjoying our games!


We had one final event we hosted and taught Flip Ships! This game was also a huge success and there are always so many smiles and laughs when playing this dexterity game.


Over the weekend we had an on-going social media contest. Pax attendees were asked to post a photo of them at the Renegade booth to Instagram @renegade_game_studios and Twitter @playrenegade. I announced 2 winners which were random picks and they each won a copy of Pie Town!! It was a great contest and we were happy to find homes for more pie!


The hall closed at 6pm and we had demo tables still going up until the final moments. It is safe to say we had a wonderful time showing off the games and meeting so many amazing people. We found there were a lot of new gamers and they were eager to see what kinds of games we had. Over the weekend we saw several of the same faces coming back more and more to try each of the different demos we had set up. All in all, we had a great time and look forward to seeing how this con can grow in time and we hope to be back for the next one in 2018!



We hope you enjoyed this recap from PAX Unplugged. From everyone on the Renegade Team, we appreciate your continued enthusiasm for our titles look forward to seeing you at an event in 2018! 

If you wish to see more photography from the event please go here!