Origins Game Fair 2019 - A Renegade Recap

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Origins Game Fair is now done and on the books, and we had a fantastic time showing new and exciting games, connecting with gamers, and even teasing some stuff coming out soon! If you couldn’t make it, we’ve got you covered!

Hot & Bestselling Games

We brought new and beloved games with us to Origins and gamers snapped them right up from under us! We showed off Lanterns Dice and painted up some Power Rangers from Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid, built characters for Kids on Bikes on stream with our friends at Game Trade Media, did a first look of the game with friends at Twist Gaming, and demoed it and many others at our booth!

In the world of RPGs, we ran events in the Champaign room for Overlight, Kids on Bikes, and Outbreak Undead all weekend, including our special Free RPG Day modules, and we sold out of Kids On Bikes!

Speaking of other sellout games, gamers emptied out our stocks of Architects of the West Kingdom, and The Tea Dragon Society Card Game (both of which are currently available at local game stores and our webstore) as well as the early release copies of Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated - Upper Management Pack, Bubble Tea, Proving Grounds and Lanterns Dice! That’s 7 sellout games at the event!

If you couldn’t get your hands on these games, you’ll be able to get them at your friendly local game store (all either now available or releasing this month) or order them for direct delivery to you or for pickup at Gen Con.

The Tea Dragon Society Card Game wins Best Family Game at the Origins Awards

We were humbled by our two nominations in the Best Family Game category, and were honored that the judging panel selected The Tea Dragon Society Card Game for the award! We were thrilled to share the stage with friend and co-designer of The Tea Dragon Society Card Game, Steve Ellis of Oni Games when accepting the award. (A special thanks to Steve for also shouting out Aquicorn Cove while on stage - we can’t wait to get this game out to fans!)

Previews of Upcoming Games!

We also spent some time with our friends at Board Game Geek to geek out about games. We chatted about Bubble Tea (releasing soon to friendly local game stores near you), as well as upcoming games you’ll be seeing at Gen Con that are available for pre-order now: Time Chase and ArtSee! Check out the stream below to learn about these exciting upcoming games.

Thanks to everyone who made Origins Game Fair 2019 fun, fantastic and exciting. A special shoutout to those of you who stopped by our booth to say hello, our fantastic demo staff who worked so hard to make it a great event for us, and the volunteers and staff at Origins who made the weekend possible!

Why We’re Providing Replacement Decks for Proving Grounds

A message from Scott Gaeta, Renegade Game Studios’ President and Publisher, regarding Proving Grounds:

We are so excited to be launching Proving Grounds this month. A talented team, including designer Kane Klenko, storybook writer Monica Valentinelli, and artist Matthew Dobrich, came together to create an immersive world and unique solo game experience that is launching our Solo Hero Series. It’s a remarkable game and we want everyone to experience and enjoy it.

Unfortunately, we have discovered a problem with the first copies of Proving Grounds. Some of the cards intended to be in the deck are missing and instead have harder cards in their place. This does NOT make the game unplayable or unwinnable. It does make the game harder than intended, especially in Training Mode.

Any customer who has a version of this first printing copy can send us a customer service request and we’ll send a replacement deck at no charge.

We are currently producing replacement decks for all customers affected by this problem. The cost of this unfortunate error will exceed $10,000 for us to fix but we wouldn’t be okay with the game not being the experience we intended it to be.

The game will still be on local game store shelves on the 26th of this month, as well as being available at the Renegade booth at Origins.

Thank you so much for your understanding.

Update for clarity: The deck we are replacing is the 30-card Enemy Deck in Proving Grounds. All other components of the game will remain unaffected and the new Enemy Deck customers will receive will fully replace the old Enemy Deck fully (no need to swap out individual cards).

Getting Started in Miniature Painting: A Guide To Paints & Brushes

Getting your miniatures painted can be intimidating, but we’re here to help! With these tips, we hope you can set yourself up for success and jump into the hobby so you can find the joy in painting your game’s miniatures!

Before we get into painting miniatures, you’ll want to make sure you have your supplies (including your miniatures) ready. It’s pretty frustrating to excitedly get to the table to paint, only realize you’re missing something important, have to stop, and leave for a supply run.

We’ll be covering the basics of what you need to get painting over the next few articles here on the Renegade Game Studios blog. If you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to the Renegade Society newsletter – we’ll let you know when a new article in this series goes up.

Ready to get started? Let’s talk about paint and paint brushes.


It might seem really tempting to go crazy and buy a pile of brushes to get started, but the reality is that you really only need 3 brushes to get rolling comfortably. A brush for applying base coats, a smaller brush for painting details, and a heavy-duty brush for drybrushing.

You don’t have to break the bank on your brushes. Natural hair brushes tend to cost more and usually hold their shape better over time (with proper care) while synthetic brushes are often more economical, have easier-to-control bristles for beginners, and are easier to care for. It’s up to you, but if you’re new to painting miniature, don’t feel as though you have to get fancy/expensive brushes to get a great finished result you can be proud of.

Your Basecoat Brush

There are lots of options for a basecoat brush, but this is the brush that you’ll do most of your painting with. It’s better to have a slightly larger brush than you think you’d be comfortable painting a miniature with – a bigger brush can hold more paint and apply it to larger areas, meaning you’ll make faster progress on your models.

Basecoat Brush.png

If you’re picking up your brush at your friendly local game store that sells miniature painting supplies, look for round brushes that describe themselves with the term large or basecoat. If you’re picking up your brushes at the a fine or or craft store, look for watercolor brushes with the terms round and with a number size #1, #2 or #3 (based on your preference).

Your Detail Brush

The small details on a model are often the ones that make a model pop off the table and detail brushes are fantastic for picking out those bits on a model that will make it look finished. They key to a good detail brush is a sharp, pointy tip – so look for brushes that have a great point (you don’t want to buy that brush that looks like it’s an angry porcupine).

Detail Brush.png

You’ll want your detail brush to between half to a quarter the size of your basecoat brush (in terms of width). Going too small often makes it hard to apply details before the paint dries on the brush (more bristles means more working time with the paint).

At your hobby store, look for the terms detail or fine detail on your brush. At your art/craft store, look for a watercolor round brush sized #00, #0 or #1. You probably don’t need to go as small as you think – avoid a brush if the bristles are very short, or if your brush has slashes in the number - like 0/3 or 0/5 – it’s too small for our purposes.

Your Drybrush

Drybrush Brush (1).png

Drybrushing is a staple technique that helps you quickly and easily apply highlights and metallics to a model. While it’s quick and effective, it is a technique that is very hard on a brush – the method encourages the paint to nearly dry in the bristles (hence the term drybrushing) so you’ll want to get a cheaper brush with synthetic bristles, and a bottle of rubbing alcohol to clean your brush (it helps break down that dried up paint).

My go to drybrush is a cheap $3 synthetic eyeshadow brush (available at big box retailers in the cosmetics section) because I drybrush as a first step. If you wanted to add a fourth brush to your arsenal, a second, smaller drybrush (a cheap eyeliner brush if you’re already heading to the cosmetics section) is a great addition.



After you get your brushes, you’ll want to get your paints. If you’re new and starting out in painting miniatures, acrylic miniature paints are the ones you’ll want to invest in: they’re available at your friendly local game store, can be thinned with water, have a high pigmentation, and a lower amount of binder, meaning that you can apply them in thin coats on your miniature without obscuring the details. (There are many people who can paint miniatures beautifully with oil paints, enamel paints, and even dollar-store craft paints, but they’re much less user-friendly and require much more skill to use effectively.)

There are many miniature brands out there that are great – if your gaming store store stocks them, chances are they’ll work for you (and it’ll be easier to repurchase paints you use a lot).

I’ll be the first to admit: I have an embarrassing number of paints, but that’s an accumulated paint collection that’s been growing over the years I’ve been painting minis. You don’t need that many paints: I only used 12 paints to paint up the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid.

Buy the colors you know you’ll use, (make sure you grab a black, white, brown, silver and bone paint as well – they’re universally useful) and you should be set. (We’ll be posting a list of paints we used with every painting guide, so you can see just how many paint colors we used on every model.)

You’ll also want to get yourself some primer. You can get aerosol primers or brush-on primers: it’s a matter of preference. Just follow the instructions on the aerosol primers, if you go that route – they’re very specific about temperature, spray distance, humidity and ventilation.

For primer colors, it’s really a matter of preference. Black is a forgiving primer color because if you have trouble painting an area, the black makes it look like a shadow, so you don’t have to fret about getting into every nook and cranny on a miniature. It’s also a great undercoat color for metallics. White primers tend to make painting bright, vibrant colors easier: if you have rainbow-colored heroes, white might be the better option.

Make sure you subscribe to the Renegade Society newsletter to find out when we post more miniature painting tips and guides!

Want to get your hands on the miniatures featured in this post? Check out Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid! You can pre-order the game and expansions now!

Have questions about paints or brushes for your board game miniatures? Leave them in the comments below and we’ll try to answer them. And if you have questions about painting minis in general, let us know! Maybe we’ll answer it in an blog in the future.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Teri Litorco is the Senior Marketing Manager at Renegade Game Studios and has painted tabletop miniatures for over 15 years. She loves sharing painting tips to help gamers get started in the hobby.

Playtesters: What They Do & Why They're Important to Making Great Games

Playtesting is an important part of designing incredible games, and playtesters are vital members of the game development process. They are not just playing a game, but working with the development team to make the game better.

playtester credits.jpg

What does a playtester do?

In a nutshell, a playtester’s role is to play unpublished games to offer feedback that enables the developer to test concepts and mechanics, make improvements, identify potential problems, and ultimately determine if a game is fun.

These games can fall into different stages of completion, from early prototypes that are still heavily under development, to nearly-finished games that just need a bit of fine-tuning before heading off to the printer. Their goal for each playtest will vary based on the developer’s needs for that session, and may not even involve playing a full game.

Playtesting may be local (conducted under the observation of the developer at the Renegade studio or at a convention space) or it may be remote, and require the playtester to make a print and play version of game. In the latter case, playtesters are also responsible for learning the rules, forming a group that’s appropriate to the style of game, playing a specified number of games over a specified period of time, and then filling out a response form after each session.

No matter where they are, a playtester’s input helps shape the game into being as enjoyable an experience as possible.

Playtesting to get your foot into the door in the tabletop game industry

Many aspiring designers and developers in the tabletop industry have some background in playtesting games; having passion and a desire to learn about the process of making a game makes playtesting a great way to start the journey into game design and development.

Participating in playtesting offers aspiring designers and developers a chance to observe the incremental development cycle of a game, to see how it evolves from one iteration to the next based on player feedback. It’s also a chance to distinguish themselves in the value and content of their reports, thereby making themselves an invaluable asset to the publisher.

For gamers who just love to play games, joining a playtesting group offers the opportunity to be a part of the story at an early stage, to play games months before they are released, to have their name in the credits, and to know they played a valued role in shaping the final product.

Thank you to all the amazing playtesters who help make our games as fantastic and enjoyable as they are. Renegade Game Studios is looking for more enthusiastic gamers to join our playtest group! Visit the Renegade Tabletop Playtesters Facebook group for more information.

Happy International Women's Month!

IWM - Team V2.png

March is International Women’s Month and we’re celebrating the talented woman who help make our games a reality. You may know some of them already from interactions in person at conventions or online through emails, but there are certainly a few faces you haven’t met yet. All of these superstar women are absolutely vital to our team and are a big reason our games have such high quality, from the production to the gameplay.

IWM - Sara.png

You probably know Sara already! As our Director of Sales and Marketing, she attends most of the trade shows and is one of the regular co-hosts of the Renegade Society Radio. She makes sure our games are front and center in retail stores and helps create the buzz around new releases online.

Fun fact: She loves animals and would love to talk to you about her dog, cat, bees, chickens, and poison dart frogs!

IWM - Jenni.png

If you’ve ever had a missing token or a bent card, Jenni has been the one working hard to complete your game as our Customer Service Representative! Her office is full of row after row of well-organized bins of chits and cards. She also helps set up all the pre-orders before each big convention. It’s no easy task! In fact, she may be working on Origins pre-orders at this very second…

Fun fact: She plays the cello and enjoys accompanying her children while they play their own instruments! Ask her about her musical cat, too!

IWM - Anita.png

We have some seriously beautiful games in our catalog. Most of that is thanks to Anita’s sharp eye for detail and creative ideas for design! As our Creative Director, she manages a huge team of graphic designers and artists to create everything from logos and card art, to convention banners and images like these ones here!

Fun fact: She lives in Costa Rica and has an outdoor office! The fresh air must really help get those creative juices flowing!

IWM - Leisha V2.png

Leisha is mostly a behind-the-scenes actor. You may have seen her at Gen Con (in the kitty ears!), but she otherwise works her magic by keeping everyone on a tight schedule as our Director of Operations. Missing deadlines is a no-go with Leisha around! When she’s not sharing dates and scheduling shipments, she’s facilitating production with our factories (sometimes in person) to make sure everything is exactly as we want it.

Fun fact: She used to be a volleyball player in college. We had no clue! It’s not like she’s tall enough to fit in or anything…

IWM - Robyn.png

Robyn is someone the entire team is thankful for. Not just because she handles all of the mathy details surrounding our finances as our Controller, but because she never fails to bring a smile to our faces. Handling the mathy details helps too, though.

Fun fact: She’s working towards visiting all of the Disney parks in the world! All that’s left on her bucket list are the Tokyo and Paris parks. Hopefully 2019 will be her year!

This hobby has made several strides in guaranteeing that gamers of all walks of life are welcomed. We can see that clearly in the amount of amazing women we work with in the game industry, from graphic designers and game designers, demoers and press partners, to retail stores and distributors. Make sure to show your appreciation for all the wonderful women who touch your life!

Renegade on the Road

2018 was a whirlwind of gamer events and conventions for us. We exhibited at 18 different shows across North America and Europe. That means we were out of the office roughly 93 days out of the year and still managed to put out all the great games we did!

Though it’s a lot of work, we love going to so many shows and connecting with you all! We have so much fun demoing at the booth, sharing in your excitement, and enjoying all the new games around! Here are the highlights of each show in 2018.

The Big Four

Origins Game Fair

In June, we made our way to Columbus, OH for Origins Game Fair! As the first big show of the year, we were ready to jump into convention season with full force! We had our full catalog for sale, including some new releases (Junk Orbit, The Tea Dragon Society, and Spy Club) which were on demo tables. Special guests stopped by our booth throughout the show to say hi to players and sign games. The fan favorite of the show was without-a-doubt Alfonso, the alpaca from Altiplano! We participated in the Pin Bazaar and had an assortment of gamer flair available for diehard fans. In the evening, we hosted a special party for Overlight backers during which designers Paul and George played through a scenario with them! We wrapped up the whole show with exciting news - Ex Libris won the Origins Award for Best Card Game!

Gen Con

As our biggest event of the year, we were more than excited to travel to Indianapolis, IN for Gen Con in August. We had two large areas for this show - a giant booth in the exhibit hall and an equally large area in the event hall for all our scheduled gaming sessions! Each morning, as soon as the doors opened to the exhibit hall, there was a mad rush to our booth as people lined up to get the newest releases (Clank! Expeditions: Gold & Silk, Clank! In! Space! Apocalypse!, Gunkimono). We also flew in limited copies of some of our Fall releases (Arboretum, Spell Smashers) so players could get a taste early. Our sales team packaged up everyone’s haul in an amazing Overlight-themed bag - too cool! Throughout the day, designers held signing sessions for a variety of our games. It’s always so special watching fans interact with the people who have brought them so much joy! Our events area was also a hub of activity, with scheduled tournaments, How to Play sessions, and RPG demos. In the evening, we held a VIP party for Overlight backers where they received artwork signed by Paul, George, and Kwanchai. It was definitely a memorable moment for everyone in attendance!


In the blink of an eye, it was time to journey across the world to Essen, Germany for SPIEL! This is the biggest board game convention in the world and we had a lot planned -- so much so that we needed two booths! Our main booth in Hall 2 was where we showed off our newest releases, like Architects of the West Kingdom, Passing Through Petra, and Reykholt. Most of the time, Sam Macdonald, the designer of Architects, was teaching players the game! What better way to learn than from the creative mind behind the design? Our team spent most of their time in their offices, planning with partners, making new connections, and meeting with press partners. In Hall 1, the other booth was also busy! This area was focused on our games for younger players and the decor reflected that in a big way! You couldn’t miss the cute artwork or bright furniture from a mile away. At the end of the show, we had sold out of most of our new games and headed home feeling accomplished and pleased.


At the end of the year, the team headed to Philly for PAX Unplugged. It was colder than we’re used to, but more than worth the trip! Though this show was only in its second year, it’s become one of our favorites for the year! We featured our hot Essen releases at this show and had a booth full of demos. A prototype Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid even found itself on a table! Designers stopped by our booth, signed copies of games, and took time to chat with fans. We also participated in a few panels during the show! Scott and Sara participated in the State of the Game Industry panel and later, Scott discussed different aspects of the publishing process in a CEO Discussion. What’s even more exciting, however, is the reveal of a teaser for Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated at the end of the show!

Coast to Coast


SHUX was a new convention on our list of events last year. This show is organized by the members of Shut Up & Sit Down and had some of our favorite members of the community in attendance. Mandi Hutchinson (Board Gamer Pinup), our personal special guest, lead players on countless lexical adventures during her demos of Spell Smashers. Jonathan Ying (designer of Bargain Quest and Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid) also spent time demoing at the booth! The rest of the time he was gallivanting around the show, participating in panels and playing games. We also held a tournament for Arboretum! It was an intense event, with sixteen focused players all vying for their chance to win a Deluxe Version of the game. In the end, everyone was a good sport and left the event smiling!

New York Comic Con

On the other side of the continent, we had a booth at New York Comic Con! We took advantage of this different type of nerdy crowd to demo our pop culture-focused games. Our partners at Oni Press were right across the aisle selling books while we demoed the game versions of their comics, Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game and The Tea Dragon Society Card Game. It was no surprise that cosplay was prevalent at this show, but we were pleased to find so many Ghostbusters that loved Ghostbusters: The Card Game! We also had a prototype of Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid. Several backers stopped by to try it out for the first time. Some of them were even in full Ranger suits!

Power Rangers

Power Morphicon

The week Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid launched on Kickstarter, we drove up to Anaheim, CA for Power Morphicon - the largest Power Rangers-centric show in the country! This was our first time showing the game to players and the response was amazing. We had people return to our tables day after day to try all the different characters and fight different Monsters. Cosplayers were super pumped to see their inspirations in mini form. We even ran into Walter Emanuel Jones, the actor of the original Black Ranger! On Saturday, our booth was rearranged to set up a makeshift studio as we filmed two playthrough videos featuring the cast of Hyper RPG. This was an amazing experience for everyone - fans crowded around the booth trying to catch a glimpse of their favorite actor playing this new game.

Ranger Stop

We found ourselves at a second Power Ranger convention near the end of the year. By this time, we had upgraded our prototypes with near-final components and artwork. A lot had changed since our first showing at Power Morphicon, not least of all that the Kickstarter had funded by 750% and we had countless figures to show off to fans! We played game after game with people who loved the show and never played a board game and also to backers of the campaign. One morning, we even had David Fielding, the actor who played Zordon, sit down and play with us! Peter Sudarso, a member of Hyper RPG, was so excited to see the mini of his character from the Shattered Grid expansion come to life too. It was awesome to see so many smiles and hear so many exclamations of victory during the weekend.

Find us in 2019!

Upcoming conventions

  • PAX East - March 28-31 - Boston, MA

  • UK Games Expo - May 31-June 2 - Birmingham, UK

  • Origins Game Fair - June 12-16 - Columbus, OH

  • Gen Con - August 1-4 - Indianapolis, IN

  • PAX West - August - Seattle, WA

  • Essen SPIEL - October 24-27 - Essen, Germany

  • SHUX - October - Vancouver, Canada

  • BGG.Con - November 20-24 - Dallas, TX

  • PAX Unplugged - December - Philadelphia, PA

There’s a lot to get excited about this year, including a few new shows! Renegade has never exhibited at PAX East, PAX West, or UK Games Expo, but we have big plans for these conventions. You can look forward to new pins to collect, a swanky new bag to carry your haul in, many signing sessions with your favorite designers, and exciting events at all these shows. Become a member of the Renegade Society to learn more about what’s to come!

PAX Unplugged 2018 Recap!


We just got back from PAX Unplugged 2018 - our last show of the year! It was a fantastic way to wrap up the year. What could be better than playing and teaching games to friends new and old? As you saw in our Guide to Renegade at PAX Unplugged, we had a lot of exciting things going on at the booth.

We had several designers at the booth! Paul Alexander Butler with Overlight, Daniel Solis with Junk Orbit, Shannon Kelly with Lucidity, and the whole team of creative forces behind Kids on Bikes - Heather K. Vaughn, Doug Levandowski, and Jonathan Gilmour! They were so happy to say hi to fans and deck out their games with custom messages!

We had so many demo tables at our booth and they were always full! Our awesome team of demoers kicked butt at making sure every person at their table had a great experience learning new games. Pictured above are Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure, Spell Smashers, Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid, Arboretum, Spy Club, and Overlight.


Our sales team also did a great job promoting all our awesome new titles. We sold out of some games on the first day of the show! So many players walked away from our booth with pins, promos, and new games, we saw Renegade shopping bags all across the Exhibit Hall!

If you missed the exciting announcement during the Penny Arcade panel, watch the video above! Clank: Legacy - Acquisitions Incorporated will be releasing next year!

All in all, we are excited to see PAX Unplugged continue growing and improving. You’ll see us here next year for sure!

Essen Recap!


With thousands of games releasing and thousands of people rushing to buy them, Essen SPIEL is always an exciting time. This year’s show was the best one yet for the Renegade team! We had a small booth in 2017, but this year we increased the size of our space so much that we had two booths in two separate halls!

We had many demo tables full of gamers at our main booth in Hall 2 playing our newest releases for 2018. However, the most popular tables were by far for our Fall releases. We had two tables of Architects of the West Kingdom, Arboretum, and Reykholt at all times. Sam Macdonald, one of the designers of Architects, even ran demos of his game every afternoon!

We had a smaller booth in Hall 1 that we used exclusively for our titles designed for younger players. Dubbed our “cute booth”, we had colorful tables, stools, and our adorable dexterity games available for demo. The biggest hits at this booth were The Tea Dragon Society Card Game, Kitty Paw, and Spy Club!

Of course, since it was the weekend before Halloween, the team had some fun too. Reykholt got some love with a couple farm characters and a Tom Vasel doppelgänger was sighted at our booth!

SHUX Recap


We spent last weekend in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia at SHUX 2018! Shut Up & Sit Down are some of our favorite reviewers, so we were super excited to attend their second annual Expo, show our support, and play some games!

We were one of many exhibitors at the show who were focused on teaching games to attendees. A local Vancouver game store, Starlit Citadel, partnered with us to sell our games and they had an impressive selection of the Renegade catalog!

In addition to demos, attendees were able to check out games from the SHUX Game Library, attend panels given by SUSD members and Special Guests, and buy awesome merch to support the show!

We had four tables of demos (Spell Smashers, Bargain Quest, Gunkimono, and Arboretum) that were full practically all weekend. The only time our demoers experienced any lull was at the end of the day when people left to find food! We chose to feature upcoming releases and titles that had previously earned the approval of SUSD.

We ran two events over the weekend - an Arboretum tournament and a Spell Smashers tournament. Check out the winner’s impressive Arboretum! Those Maple trees definitely earned him mega points. We had two winners for Spell Smashers! They opted to smash some spells together in celebration instead of the traditional victorious high five.

All in all it was an excellent show and we’re already looking forward to next year! The next show that you’ll find a bunch of Renegades at is SPIEL in Essen, Germany from Oct 25-28. See you there!

NYCC Recap!

Though Renegade is a San Diego Comic Con veteran (perks of being local!), this was our first time exhibiting at New York Comic Con. It was a great show with lots of demos and fun had by all. Read on to hear about our adventures every day!



This was setup and game learning day! It didn’t take us very long at all to set up our booth. We only brought four titles, since we expected attendees to be new to the gaming world. We had The Tea Dragon Society Card Game, Ghostbusters: The Card Game, and Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game available for purchase and demo, while Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid was only available for demo.

After getting everything ready for the weekend, we grabbed a bite to eat and spent the rest of the evening learning games together! Nothing like team bonding before the chaos of an open exhibit hall!

Thursday - Sunday:

As soon as the exhibit hall opened, the rest of the weekend was an absolute blur! Time flew by in a whirl of games, cosplays, and hordes of fans stopping at our booth.

We were situated right across from our friends at Oni Press and BOOM! Studios. It was perfect to be able to send people back and forth between our booths. We would talk about our games and recommend they check out the corresponding comic series.

Fans of the comic or artwork in Tea Dragon Society and Scott Pilgrim would stop by constantly to learn more about the game.

The demo table with our Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid prototype was full all the time too! We had a lot of backers of the game stop by to try out the gameplay. It was really special to interact with fans who supported our biggest project yet. We even recognized a lot of them from the Heroes of the Grid Facebook group! Everyone left with a smile on their faces, even if they didn’t end up beating the boss monster. We had a blast playing with all sorts of Rangers, and even got some Putty Patrollers excited about the game too!

Of course, since we were in NYC, there were a bunch of Ghostbusters everywhere! We tried to catch hold of as many as we could find and show them the game! After playing, most picked up their own copy! They ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

Power Morphicon Recap!

Power Morphicon was an absolute BLAST! We can't tell you how much fun it was to meet so many Power Rangers fans in person. We were able to sit down with hundreds of fans and play through our game, get feedback, chat about figures, and generally geek out about how much we love the Power Rangers universe. It was so refreshing to see how fans took the lessons learned in the show about inclusivity, friendliness, and teamwork and applied it to their own lives.

We spent all weekend teaching Heroes of the Grid to fans and press. The cast from Hyper RPG played through a full game, facing off against Bones, Madame Woe, and Rita Repulsa! Watch both thrilling episodes here!

It was so lovely chatting with everyone during the show that we wanted to share a just few of the pile of comments we received from super fans that played through Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid this weekend:

"Great artwork and awesome sophisticated gameplay!"
-Andy Wilson
"I really felt like a Ranger."
-Addy Henrich
"I really enjoyed how the smaller achievements, defeating the Putties, contributed to a bigger reward in the form of a Zord."
-Wesley Wilkins
"The figures look amazing, the gameplay is fast and exciting. I can't wait to play all the expansion! It's Morphin Time!"
-David Bowne
"I like that it's easy to pick up and play and that you can mix and match Ranger teams."
-Wan Yai Quintana
"I like the cooperative aspect of the game. Working together against the bad guys really feels like the show!"
-David J. Ziegler

For more updates on Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid, join the Facebook group! We share news, pictures, and conversation about the game and more! The Kickstarter only has 16 more days and lots of stretch goals left to unlock! Go go Power Rangers!

Origins Game Fair Recap!


Tuesday was a travel day for the whole team. We caught flights early in the morning to make sure we would arrive in time to catch up with everything that had happened since the last big show. The entire Renegade team works from home, so we enjoy any chance we get to spend some time together in person.

Once everyone was in town, we met David and Jeremy from Man Vs Meeple for dinner downtown. Dan and David geeked out together over illustrations we had just received for our upcoming releases while Sara and Jeremy discussed exciting collaboration opportunities for the rest of the year. We can’t talk about these things yet, but look forward to announcements soon!

Wednesday was booth set-up day. We have an awesome team of demoers who were eager to make the booth like beautiful. We worked together to lay the foam tiles to make our floor, wrangled crane operators to lift our hanging banner, and built shelves to store our many, many games!

After all the hard work was done, we spent the rest of the day learning how to play the games we wanted to focus on. There were many sessions of Altiplano, Junk Orbit, Tea Dragon Society, Lucidity, and Prowler’s Passage going on as we put our heads together and nailed down the rules.

Our booth also had a special guest! We made a special corner for Alfonso, a giant version of the first player alpaca in Altiplano! Matt, one of our demoers who happened to be assigned to Altiplano the entire show, brought goodies for everyone, including Alfonso! So thoughtful! Please note: Alfonso was not fed any Alpaca resource cookies. We do not condone Alpaca cannibalism at Renegade Game Studios.


Once the show opened, the days were a blur! We rocked a different game shirt every day, just like we rocked our demos!

We had three different areas at the show: booth, event area, and RPG room. The booth was where we held demos and sold our games. It was busy, busy, busy! Our event area was right across the way and had scheduled Clank! Tournaments and other How To Play events throughout the entire weekend. Our RPG room was a new addition this year, but worked out fabulously! Players were able to enjoy a quiet space where their imaginations could run free in the worlds of Overlight and Kids on Bikes.

We sold out of a few of our titles, thanks to the awesome job our team was doing!

  • Junk Orbit early Friday morning
  • Tea Dragon Society by the end of Friday
  • Fox in the Forest and Lucidity on Sunday

Several designers were demoing their games at our booth too. If you stopped by, you might have seen: Steve Ellis / Paul Butler & George Holland / Jonathan Gilmour / Kwanchai Moriya / Randy Hoyt & Jason Kingsely / Adam McIver

Psst! Keep your eyes peeled on our social media pages! We have giveaways planned for some fun items I asked them to sign at the show.

On Friday night, the backers of our Origins VIP Party for Overlight got together to spend the evening with the creative minds behind the RPG. Paul and George went over the world setting, game play, and their inspirations, while Kwanchai stared adoringly at his muse. Of course, big adventures require a lot of energy, so we all went out for a scoop of Jeni’s at the end of the night!


Saturday night brought with it the annual Origins Awards ceremony. We had four (4!!!) titles nominated in two different categories. We had our fingers and toes crossed for all of them. Our hearts were beating fast as the winning title was being announced, our focus pinned on Jeremy and David of Man vs Meeple who were hosting the ceremony. We erupted in applause as Ex Libris was named the winner of the Best Card Game category. It definitely deserves it!

On Sunday, the hall closed early so we could start packing up our booth and head out before dinner time. We put our heads and hands together to get everything done ASAP. By the end of breakdown, we were all tired (even Alfonso!), but we rallied and spent one last dinner together. Of course, we had to get another taste of Jeni’s, then while still on our sugar- and post-show-high, we played games together late into the evening.


By Monday morning, most of the team was headed home, but the Renegade staff stayed behind to spend all day planning amazing things for the upcoming year. We played prototypes, discussed our next big events, and developed plans and programs for our fans! We’re so looking forward to seeing your reactions as we announce things!

Our next big show is Gen Con! Our booth is going to be even bigger and better!! In fact, we’ll have two spaces. Our booth in the Exhibit Hall is #2209, at the corner of the Family Fun Pavilion. However, we’ll also have a large area in the Event Hall. This is where you’ll need to come to pick up your Gen Con Pre-Orders! We’ll be doing sales in our booth, but since by preordering, you’ve already paid for your items and no longer need to stand in line, go straight to the Event Hall to grab your games!

We hope to see you there!

ACD Games Day Recap!

Every May we make our way to Madison, WI for the ACD Games Day retailer event. This event, hosted by one of the biggest game distributors in the US, welcomes retailers to attend insightful seminars, play countless new games, and loot the warehouse to find sought-after titles. We always have a blast contributing to the excitement. Read on to find out what the Renegade crew was up to at the show!


Look at all that junk! Look at all those smiles!

Look at all that junk! Look at all those smiles!

Sara arrived the day before the show opened to set up the booth and make sure things were prepared for the coming days (thanks, Sara!). In her free time in the evening, she visited one of the local game stores, I’m Board! Games & Family Fun, to show off one of our upcoming releases, Junk Orbit.

Demoing the game for an entire store might seem intimidating, but it was great practice for the event we had planned for Wednesday night - a simultaneous demo of Junk Orbit to a group of 200 retailers! Of course, Sara’s done this once or twice before, so everyone had a great time learning and playing.


Scott and I arrived Wednesday afternoon, just in time to attend the boat cruise that ACD puts on for the publishers exhibiting at the show. It’s a nice moment to spend with peers before the hectic nonstop action that is the rest of the show.

Once we docked, it was time to tune our brains back into game mode and prep for the Junk Orbit demo event! Fortunately, the ACD sales staff is awesome and helped us throw games and promos on every table while we set up our presentation.

Retailers filled tables as soon as we opened the doors and the volume in the room rose with excited chatter. We shuffled some people around to make complete games, then we got down to business! Game Boy Geek did a great job with his Rules School video. We played it for the entire crowd and they quickly jumped into gameplay. The ACD sales staff was still awesome and helped answer any questions that retailers still had after the video (which wasn’t many!).

Abby answering questions like a boss!

Abby answering questions like a boss!

After we wrapped up the event, we three Renegades headed out to grab a bite to eat (tacos, because that’s always the right answer). We discussed our plans for the show, shared stories of times passed, and, most importantly, laughed together. After our bellies were full, we headed to bed to rest up for the big day of the show!


We met bright and early to finish setting up the booth while the retailers attended seminars given by their peers and other publishers. After resolving one snafu involving a missing box of games, the booth came together. It looked pretty darn good, if I do say so myself!

Sara took off for a bit to meet with the ACD Sales Team and show off our exciting upcoming titles and programs. Scott and I took a moment to walk around the sales floor while all was still calm and booths were still half put-together. It’s always interesting to see how different publishers arrange their product in their space and how they decorate. We were inspired by elements in a few different booths! Hopefully you’ll see them incorporated into our booths in the near future!

Sara stares down Scott with such super seriousness; it was scary.

Sara stares down Scott with such super seriousness; it was scary.

With our Renegade powers combined we finished all of the necessary tasks with a couple hours before the Exhibit Hall was scheduled to open. We headed to a nearby brunch place to get some work done and fuel up for the nonstop energy required for the booth. It was during this #BusinessBrunch that we announced the upcoming Clank! In! Space! Apocalypse! (yay! exclamation! points!).

Look at all these games!

Look at all these games!

We made it back to the booth in time to get settled before the doors opened and retailers streamed in. The team showed off some of our classic titles, but had our upcoming releases displayed as well. One of our favorite designers and Madison local, Kane Klenko, also joined us at the booth! He helped demo two of his games - FUSE and Flip Ships. Steve Ellis, one of the designers of The Tea Dragon Society, momentarily turned in his retailer hat to explain his upcoming release to curious booth visitors.

While everyone enjoyed dinner, the ACD team was flipping the Exhibit Hall to fill it with tables for demo night! We had a few titles we were showcasing. Lucidity, The Tea Dragon Society, and FUSE had players in seats all through the night, even after the event was officially over! Overall, the event was a huge success for us and we had fun participating!


The next morning, Sara was scheduled to give a presentation to retailers. She focused on all the exciting titles we’ll be releasing for the rest of the year (spoiler alert: there are a lot!) and how retailers can easily add them to their shelves. Some good discussion flowered from her presentation and the energy in the room was positive and engaged. Mission accomplished!

After seminars wrapped up, everyone headed to the ACD warehouse for shopping and food! This is always a super fun time for everyone and a great way to close the show. We sat with new and old friends, shared a meal and conversation, then walked around the warehouse helping people find our games, and picked up a few treasures for our own shelves. One of us may have had too much cake (it was totally me), but we left better for having attended and everyone made it home safely!

A bunch of Renegades in downtown Madison, WI.

A bunch of Renegades in downtown Madison, WI.

Our next show is Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH from June 13-17. We will be at booth #913 and have the titles mentioned above (and many more!) available for demo and purchase. Some of them even have promos, too! You are able to reserve your copies of our hot new titles now by preordering and selecting "Origins Pick Up". Hope to see you there, but if you can’t make it, look forward to another post-event blog.

Renegade Society Radio With Overlight Designers!

San Diego, CA (April 26th, 2018 ) To celebrate the launch of Overlight on Kickstarter, designers Paul Alexander Butler and George Holland joined us for our bi-weekly Renegade Society Radio live steam last night! Find out about Renegade's first ever Kickstarter project and our latest RPG project Overlight, straight from the creators! 

Paul and George show off Overlight at the GAMA Trade Show!

Paul and George show off Overlight at the GAMA Trade Show!

New Miniatures Line coming soon!

Renegade Game Studios announces new Miniature Line
Tiny games for crowded shelves.

San Diego, CA (April 1st, 2018) Renegade Game Studios is excited to reveal a new line of games to their catalog, Miniature Games.  Each game in this new series will be identical to their full-sized counterparts but will be approximately 1/4 the size in every dimension. Premiering at Gen Con, these games will also include an optional accessory kit that offers tools to help fans take full advantage of their new tiny games.


“Board gamers are becoming overwhelmed by the sheer volume of games that they have amassed,” explains Scott Gaeta, president of Renegade Game Studios. “We believe that Miniature games are the way of the future. You can fit more on your shelf, and they add a dexterity element to each and every game.”

"Everything is cuter when it's tiny," explains Marty from the Rolling Dice & Taking Names Podcast.

"Everything is cuter when it's tiny," explains Marty from the Rolling Dice & Taking Names Podcast.

“As a retailer, I think this is a brilliant idea,” states Travis Severance of Millennium Games. “I just can’t carry all the full-sized games anymore even though I have a relatively massive store. With this improved box size, I think Miniature Games from Renegade are going to usher in a new era in board gaming.

"I value efficiency in my life and these new Miniature games fit perfectly!" comments Mandi from To Die For Games. 

"I value efficiency in my life and these new Miniature games fit perfectly!" comments Mandi from To Die For Games. 

Fans will get their first look at these bite-sized games during the Gen Con, Aug. 2nd – 5th. Accessory kits will include tweezers, magnifying lenses, and magnetic tools that allow fans to easily interact with their games while improving their coordination skills.

Stay tuned for more information about the new Renegade Game Studios Miniature Line and more by joining the Renegade Society today!

GAMA Recap!

Each year, we spend a week with friendly game store owners, teaching them games and sharing upcoming info! Enjoy this fun photo blog of the event and stop by our facebook page for more photos!   

Hundreds of retailers played Topiary with designer, and Reno local, Danny Devine! After viewing some pleasant gardens, they battled nightmares in Lucidity!      


Perhaps the biggest event was RPG Night!
Special guest GMs Ivan Van Norman, Paul Alexander Butler, and George Holland taught retailers how to play Kids on Bikes andOverlight!


At Board Game Demo Night, we previewed International TableTop Day exclusive Wonderland and taught players the safest version of human tower building with Castell!



Make sure you check out last week's episode of Renegade Society Radio! We had special guest Ivan Van Norman, LIVE from GAMA!


Trick of the Light

Beginners Guide to Photography and Light

A photo could last forever so we want to make the best one possible.  Perhaps this New Year you can start taking better quality photographs.  It is important to know some technical details to make a perfect composition and reading the light.  

This is a quick jump start to understanding photography and some tips on how to make a good photo great. 

Everyone seems to have a camera on-hand at all times. You have a cell phone in your pocket that you can adjust settings to in the camera itself. Perhaps you have a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera, also more widely known as a DSLR, and these cameras offer even more settings and options when shooting. The first thing you need to do is grab a camera!

Knowing and seeing the light patterns will help to capture the moment at hand. Photography is all about the light and having a good image would suggest the image is neither too dark nor too bright.

If it is light outside you can simply use window light to capture your gaming images.  More often than not I am gaming at night when it is dark outside and I would require additional light from a flash. This image is using window light and you can see by the soft shadows the light produces. 


Using a flash properly will help make your photos pop with color and vibrancy. If using a DSLR, there should be an option to mount a flash to the top. If you have a detachable flash that is great! Whenever using a flash you never want to point the flash directly at the subject matter. The light source should bounce off the walls or ceiling onto the subject. If this is not an option you can also diffuse the light.  For the flash on a DSLR that automatically pops up, you can use a white ping pong ball. Simply cut it in half and that can cover the flash pretty well. If you are using your cell phone, you can use some masking tape to help diffuse the harsh light.

Looking at an image, you want to distinguish a ‘true white’ and a ‘true black’. If you can do this than you will have a good contrast so the colors don’t look muted or muddy. Having appropriate contest will help your image stand out from the rest.The best tool for doing this is a histogram. You can find a histogram on a DSLR camera, or in a photo editing application for your computer, or phone app. If you have access to a histogram you want to have the perfect range of colors from the blackest black to the whitest white.

In the 3 images below, you can view the histogram on the top right hand side of the image. When the levels are more towards the left it means it is under exposed, when they are evenly placed with a left and right most level then it is an accurate exposure, and when it is mostly towards the right hand side then it is over-exposed.

Example of underexposure:


Example of over exposure:


Example of Proper exposure:


By taking the proper time to evaluate your images, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the results. 

We love to see everyone playing Renegade Games so be sure to tag us on Twitter @playrenegade and on Instagram @renegade_game_studios 

Thanks for taking the time to learn a bit more about photography! We hope you found this useful.

Games and Baking - Serving Pie with your Pie Town!

Planning a holiday get-together?  Today we’ll show you a fool-proof way to bake a delicious pie for the gaming crowd. 


While it bakes, treat yourself to a game of Pie Town!


If you’re in a hurry for your pie or already feeling like this looks like way too much work, skip straight to step 4 and see how Sara Erickson enjoys her pie!
You’ll need:

  • One pie pan (you can purchase a premade pie crust in a metal pan at the store if you don’t own a pie pan)
  • Premade pie crusts
  • An egg
  • A can or two of pie filling.  Look on the back of the can for directions about how many cans to use for one pie.  Two cans of apple or one can of cherry filled my pie up nicely
  • A can opener
  • A ruler, pizza cutter or cookie cutters

1) Follow the heating and cooking directions on the back of the can and turn on your oven.  I preheated the oven to 425 degrees F.
2) Carefully unroll one of your pie crusts and mold it gently into the pie pan.  There should be some extra crust hanging over the sides.
3) Crack that egg open and let just the egg white ooze into a bowl.  You won’t need the yolk.  Brush the crust with the egg white.  I don’t own a brush for this so I just wiped it on with a paper towel
4) Here’s the exciting part: use your can opener to open your can of pie filling and dump all that yumminess right into the pan.   Or, follow Sara Erickson’s advice and forget about the pie crust altogether.  Skip straight to this step and eat the pie filling straight out of the can!  Pie making complete!


5) Now, you could roll out your second crust, plop it straight onto the top of your pie, cut a few slits in it, and call it good.  Or…you can be adventurous and use your mad cutting skills to impress your friends with your basket weaving technique.  Roll out that second crust and grab a ruler and a pizza cutter.  Use your tools to cut the crust into ½ inch wide strips. 


6) Place the strips across the pie as shown all in one direction with about ½ inch between them.  Fold back half the strips and then place another strip perpendicular to the first ones. 
7) Fold the strips back over the new strip of dough. Continue folding back half the strips, placing a new strip across, and weaving the top of your crust.


8) Before too long, ta-da!  Your basket weave is complete!  Now, cut the excess dough off the ends of the strips.


9) Roll the edges up, squeezing the dough as you roll to make a nice tight seal around the edges of your pie. 

10) Finally, use an index finger from one hand and your thumb and index finger on the other hand to create a beautiful finished edge for the crust.   


 11) Brush the top of your pie with more egg white, and pop it in the oven for 45-50 minutes.   Open up Pie Town and play while the air fills with the aroma of home baked pie. 
12) Peek in the oven after 20 minutes or so.  If the edges of the crust look like they’re going to burn, you can cover just the very edges of the crust with aluminum foil.  Let it continue baking until the top is golden brown and the filling is bubbly.   Take your amazing homemade pie out and let it cool for a bit before enjoying!  
Tip:  For an even simpler but still impressive crust, just cut holes in the top crust using cookie cutters before you place the crust on top of the pie!
Using a spoon instead of your index finger when crimpling the edges gives a nice consistent finish.


Using a spoon instead of your index finger when crimpling the edges gives a nice consistent finish.

Serve with a side of Pie Town.  Enjoy!


PAX Unplugged - Nov 17-19, 2017

This past weekend Renegade Games Studios attended a new convention called Pax Unplugged, in Philadelphia, PA! 


PAX host several events thought the year and is primarily a video game convention, but they expanded to have its own tabletop edition. As a board game publisher, we were super excited for this opportunity to join a new convention and invite new and veteran gamers to play our titles!

Renegade Game Studios was proud to debut Pie Town, Kepler-3042, Planet Defenders, Shipwrights and Explorers of the North Sea this convention. Their scheduled releases to be mid December 2017! Check your local retailer for preorders today!


Wednesday night we had a scheduled event at Family Fun Hobbies in NJ, which is about an hour outside of Philly. This was great we had a bunch of tables going with gamers learning and playing Renegade games!



We were teaching the new Pie Town! Set to hit stores December 13, 2017, this is a dice worker-placement game. You never roll the dice but you are using them to collect apples and other specialty ingredients to try and make the best pies! You have a secret pie that others are trying to deduce to steal your recipe. As you take actions you are leveling your strength and will get better actions as the game progresses.


We had an amazing time and met some great fans! It was fun to see them again during the convention as well!



Thursday was the official set up for our booth. Since our booth was ginormous we actually had to wait for the union laborers to set it up. While we waited for them we got to play some games with the demo team!

We had a few different tables going on but with a focused learning game of Kepler-3042. This is one of our new titles and wanted to make sure we had appropriate candidates to demo this during the con.

In Kepler-3042 you are choosing an action each turn to help gather resources, improve your technologies, explore the Galaxy to discover new planets and maybe colonize them if you traveled far enough. With your own personal pool of resources you have to manage the supplies wisely throughout the game.


Explorers of the North Sea was another one being played. This is the 3rd game in the North Sea Trilogy. The first is Shipwrights of the North Sea followed by Raiders of the North Sea.


In Explorers each Viking team is branching out into the sea to try and find colonies and search the lands to collect livestock and build outposts. With several ways of collecting victory points you can focus on a particular avenue and go for it. You will be placing a tile down each turn expanding the board and creating a unique map of water passageways and different islands.

Before heading to dinner Matt from the Demo team had an amazing surprise for us. With Pie Town being a new release, he found it appropriate to share small Pies with everyone on the team!! Amazingly generous and delicious! We had to grab a photo of those amazing pies!


Back at the hotel there was a quick game of Topiary being played! This game set to release Q1 By Renegade Game Studios!



Topiary is a super fast tile placement game where you are placing Meeples on rows and columns to see beautiful Topiaries. You get points depending on what you can see and the heights of the bushes. We all had a great time!

Friday was the first official day of the convention. We were there bright eyed and bushy tailed waiting for the excitement. This was our amazing demo team!!


We had several scheduled events this convention! Our first event of the con was a Clank! Tournament. Some players were new to Clank! while some had played before. The winners of each game got to play again in a finals and the winner received a PAX medal!



Another awesome event was the industry panel. Scott Gaeta [President, Renegade Game Studios], Justin Ziran [President, WizKids], Mike Webb [VP Customer Service, Alliance Game Distributors], Travis Severance [Owner, Millennium Games], Tom Vasel [Owner, The Dice Tower], Richard Ankney [Game Trade Media] was the MC. 


During the hour there were a lot of current board game insights and anticipated projections for the future being discussed. Hearing for the retailer, distributor, publishers, and media is eye opening and thoughtful.  They discussed topics including creating and maintaining demand at retail stores, designing games for the current market, and the responsibilities of professionals in the industry .  Everyone had a say in their opinion on Kickstarters and how that it is its own entity. Kickstarter is a tool that can help bring to life new and interesting ideas, but can be a challenge for hobby retailers.

It finalized with an overall consensus that the board game industry is at its all time high and still shows to be a growing market. More and more gamers every year which means more and more games are being produced. The top quality we are getting in our boxes today are setting the standard for what a board game should be and what is expected. Who knows when, but there will be a plateau, but as we are seeing it, we are at the best of times!

Saturday was another day full of events to attend and the one day that the con completely sold out. The booth was busy and the people were happy. We had a few Guest designers show their games at our booth. We had Nate Bivins the designer of Sundae Split, David Wilkinson, Designer of Castles of Caladale, and Christopher Chung the designer of  Lanterns: The Harvest Festival!



Late at night was a Fuse Tournament! This was a best score out of 3 games. Our new Marketing Coordinator, Steph Hodge had never played FUSE so she jumped in with one of the teams. She had a great time playing this intense real time game! The winning team was amazing and defused all the bombs first each round. They all had a great time and the victorious team was caught on camera with these huge smiles and their luxurious Pax Medals for winning the tournament!


Sunday was the final day of the convention and more family focused. Mandi Board Game Pin-up Girl of the Dice Tower hosted a special Renegade event, Family Games 2.0, catering to this family centric crowd!

Mandi teaching  Dragon's Hoard

Mandi teaching Dragon's Hoard

This was a super awesome time for families to come together and learn some our our titles. Mandi still had her voice after demoing for the 2 days prior, but was an amazing teacher and mentor for everyone.

This was a 2 hour event and she taught Sundae Split, Lotus, and Dragons Hoard! Once the event was over, the families got to keep the games they just learned and we snapped a group photo! It is so rewarding to see such joy from kids and parents when playing and enjoying our games!


We had one final event we hosted and taught Flip Ships! This game was also a huge success and there are always so many smiles and laughs when playing this dexterity game.


Over the weekend we had an on-going social media contest. Pax attendees were asked to post a photo of them at the Renegade booth to Instagram @renegade_game_studios and Twitter @playrenegade. I announced 2 winners which were random picks and they each won a copy of Pie Town!! It was a great contest and we were happy to find homes for more pie!


The hall closed at 6pm and we had demo tables still going up until the final moments. It is safe to say we had a wonderful time showing off the games and meeting so many amazing people. We found there were a lot of new gamers and they were eager to see what kinds of games we had. Over the weekend we saw several of the same faces coming back more and more to try each of the different demos we had set up. All in all, we had a great time and look forward to seeing how this con can grow in time and we hope to be back for the next one in 2018!



We hope you enjoyed this recap from PAX Unplugged. From everyone on the Renegade Team, we appreciate your continued enthusiasm for our titles look forward to seeing you at an event in 2018! 

If you wish to see more photography from the event please go here!