Ben Stoll

Word Whimsy

Ben has worked in the games industry for about five years, creating board games and working on TCGs.  He is currently the head of TCG Design on the MMOTCG Hex: Shards of Fate.

Ben's other design credits include DC Deckbuilding Game, Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Deckbuilding Game, and The Big Bang Theory: The Party Game all published by Cryptozoic Entertainment.

Ben loves nearly every type of game out there, and nothing makes him happier than bringing joy and laughter into the world through game design.

Ben has the playful soul of a child, the fierce heart of a conqueror, and the neurotic brain of a mad scientist.  When he's not designing games, he's either playing them, meditating, or flipping out about the elite banking cartel that is slowly taking over the world.