About Renegade Heroes

The Heroes are a group of individuals who volunteer for Renegade Game Studios.  Their purpose is to help spread the word of all of our amazing games and demo locally in stores, at your regional conventions and at conventions as large as Origins and GenCon. 

Incentive Program

In order to reward our Heroes for great deeds done, we have come up with the following program.  Within this program Heroes can earn points for spreading the fun that Renegade Games can bring and in return, you can spend those points for Renegade swag or other items we collect throughout the year. 


Heroes can collect points in three (3) different Tiers:

Mission Level 1 (1 point/event) – “Sanctioned" store demo session of at least 2 hours. Heroes will also earn 1 point for posting reviews on Amazon and BGG for each game review on BOTH sites.

Mission Level 2 (2 points/event) – Large Store Event, Meet Up or Mini Con (Between 20 and 500 People)

Mission Level 3 (3 points/event) – Medium Con (500 and over People) or Distributor Open House Volunteer

NOTE:  National Convention (GenCon/Origins/BGG) – No points will be awarded to volunteers in this category as they will be rewarded differently.  Rewards will be covered in the volunteer packet for that event.

In order to get credit for these events you must follow four (4) steps:

  1. Contact the Lead Volunteer to notify them of the event
  2. Create a Public Facebook Event and send he link sent to the Lead Volunteer
  3. Go to the event and demo games
  4. Send a summary email of your event to volunteer@renegadegames.com.  (This report does not have to be lengthy.  Just a summary of how your event went, how many demos you did and how they were received).

By setting up the Facebook event it allows quick promotion through the Renegade Games Facebook page.  The more your event can be promoted, the more wonderful people you get to meet throughout the demo event. J

During game release windows there may be special requests made of each Hero to schedule release event demos to increase knowledge and exposure of our new games.  These will be broadcast through the Renegade Heroes Facebook Group.


Why collect all these points?  To get prizes! While, as Heroes, we know that your ultimate goal is to do good and spread board gaming fun, we want to reward your hard work. 

Throughout the year, we will be posting items up for grabs along with their “point” purchase price. Items will be broadcast through the Renegade Heroes Facebook Group.  Once you spend points, they go away and you must accrue more points to obtain additional items.

Point Redemption Items

Renegade Games which Retail for:

$1-$10 – 1 point

$11-$20 – 2 points

$21-$30 – 3 points

$31-$40 – 4 points

$41-$50 – 5 points

$51-$60 – 6 points

Other prizes TBD.

Expectations of our Heroes

As a member of the Renegade Heroes, it is your sworn duty to help spread the word of our games, old and new.  While not all actions may win you points, we do expect Heroes to share special events through their own social media networks, help post reviews of games and other random tasks.  While these tasks may seem small, these actions can increase the visibility of our games exponentially, especially when done by each member of our team. 

One of the most important things you can do on the internet to help is to post reviews on BoardGameGeek.com (BGG) and on Amazon.  It has been found that these two sites are the “go to” sites that people seek out when determining which new game to buy, whether it be online or at your local gaming store.  If you need assistance in how to post reviews of games on either site, please let us know and we can walk you through the steps.

In order to remain an active Hero for Renegade, each Hero must accumulate at least 2 points a year through the above Operations. 

Demo Copies of Games

Free demo copies of games will be provided for Mission Level 2 and 3 events only.  In order to obtain these copies, you will need to coordinate with the Lead Volunteer who will assist in getting you set up with the convention, working out a demo schedule and sending you the games for the event.  Events/Volunteers are limited to two (2) different games per event (some exceptions may be made but this will be a general rule of thumb).  In some circumstances, we may ask that you focus on particular games depending on what is releasing or has recently released.  No matter what, we want this to be a fun event for you, the convention and the attendees to the con.

It is requested that you give us as much as time as possible in scheduling these events so that there is not only enough time for you to coordinate but for us to get you the game for the demo/event.  This is especially important for new games.  Four (4) weeks is a great goal but the more time, the better.


As an incentive to grow the Hero Team, if a current Hero recommends/refers an individual to the program and that new Hero accumulates 2 points, you will receive 2 points as a reward. 

Community and Questions

We are all here to help each other.  If you have questions regarding how to work with stores, how to do a demo, what language to use or anything else that could assist you in becoming a better Renegade Hero, just ask.  Our Facebook group is filled with both experienced and inexperienced volunteers and there is no pride in watching a fellow member of the team struggle.  If you have questions, it’s likely that either someone else is struggling with that same issue or have had that issue before and can outline a way to overcome that hurdle. 

How to Join

To join, please email volunteer@renegadegames.com and we will get you set up and on your way to being a part of our outstanding volunteer program!