Renegade Game Studios and Oni Press announce Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Card Game

San Diego, CA (March 16th, 2017) — Renegade Game Studios™ and Oni Press are delighted to announce Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Card Game, an innovative deck-building game by Keith Baker. Based on the graphic novels by Bryan Lee O'Malley, fans will appreciate the detail and care taken by Baker to stay true to the heart of the series. 

So why grow up, anyway? Is it really worth it? Don’t you have better things to do? Why does it matter whether or not your indie-rock band gets that great gig? You started a band to have fun, and now you’re going to get your butts kicked by robots. And who wants to deal with the headache of dating? Look, we’ve all got baggage. Some of us have drama that likes to pick fights and exes that like to throw punches. Love is a battlefield! So you’d rather sit on the couch throwing punches in your favorite video game. Hey, who’s going to stop you? Demons, fireballs, giant purple dudes?? Sounds like a bummer! If you want to keep living your precious little life, maybe it’s time to get it together and go up against the world! 

Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game is a deckbuilding game that challenges you to get your life together. Players assume the roles of their favorite characters in the Scott Pilgrim universe, each of whom comes with a unique starting deck. Innovative double-sided cards let you decide whether to solve your problems with hard work and empathy, or whether to embrace the unpredictable world of gratuitous video game violence.

"Scott Pilgrim is an incredibly popular graphic novel series because it is so relatable, " says Renegade President Scott Gaeta. "Renting your first apartment, falling in love, and getting a job are things everyone's gone through. Keith Baker has done an incredible job recreating these life choices in a deck-building format while incorporating the video game style button-mashing combo moves that we loved in the graphic novel fight scenes. " 

"Invite your friends! Throw a pizza party! But don't get the cards greasy," Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan O'Malley added.

Beyond the video-game-style combo moves unique to each character, fans will also appreciate the innovative double-sided cards. Players will be faced to make hard choices about whether to fight or upgrade their life with each card placed into the Plot line. Defeating the Evil Ex and collecting Power-Ups will help players inch their way towards victory. 

Create your perfect life with Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Card Game in hobby stores summer 2017. This deck-building game will have an MSRP of $45, is designed for 2-6 players to enjoy in 45-60 min. per game, and will captivate gamers ages 13 and up. 

Renegade Game Studios Announces Flip Ships

The Invasion has begun. Join the fight. Save the world.
San Diego, CA (March 13th, 2017) — Renegade Game Studios™ is thrilled to announce the upcoming cooperative dexterity game, Flip Ships. Designed by Kane Klenko with art by Kwanchai Moriya, it will release in the summer of 2017. Klenko is the well-loved designer behind FUSE, FLATLINE, and Covert

It was an ambush. That’s the only way to describe it. The mother ship appeared out of nowhere, creating a massive shadow over the city. Within seconds, wave after wave of fighters poured out of it, filling the sky.

We’re launching the ships we have ready, but it isn’t much. Our pilots fight bravely, defending the planet, while we ready the rest of the fleet. Explosions fill the sky, and we’ve taken some hits, but we won’t give up. Will you?

Flip Ships is a cooperative dexterity game where players take on the roles of brave pilots defending their planet from an onslaught of firepower. Flip your ships to take out the encroaching enemies, and to take down the powerful mother ship before it’s too late.

"Dexterity games really open up a lot of intriguing design space," says Renegade President Scott Gaeta. "Flip Ships challenges players to work together while adding the excitement and suspense of landing a satisfying flip.

Look for Flip Ships in hobby stores summer 2017. This cooperative dexterity game will have an MSRP of $40, is designed for 1-4 players to enjoy in 30-45 min. per game, and will delight gamers ages 8 and up. 

Visit for more information about our games and the designers we work with.

The Fox in the Forest Announced

Releasing Summer 2017

San Diego, CA (March 10th, 2017) — Renegade Game Studios™ and Foxtrot Games are excited to announce their next partnership game, The Fox in the Forest by Joshua Buergel. This new two-player trick taking game is the latest co-published game from these two studios. Their previous games include Lanterns: The Harvest Festival, Lanterns: The Emperor's Gifts, and World's Fair 1893

Once upon a time, a woodcutter and his daughter lived in a small village bordering the forest. She had traveled with him and had seen him speak with the forest animals.

The Fox in the Forest is a trick-taking game for 2 players. Utilize the special abilities on the Fairy Tale characters to change the trump suit, lead even after you lose a trick, and more. The beautiful illustrations of the unique characters will help you quickly analyze your options.

Score points by winning more tricks than your opponent, but don't get greedy! Win too many tricks, and you will fall like the villain in so many fairy tales.

"The Fox in the Forest is a beautiful and familiar feeling game,"  says Renegade President Scott Gaeta. "It pairs classic trick-taking mechanics with a fresh and modern twist. I love games like this because they can really open the door to non-gamers and invite them into our world."

"The custom deck, the special abilities on the cards, and the high-low scoring all bring the tension and surprises of trick-taking into a great two player experience," says Randy Hoyt, owner of Foxtrot Games. "I love trick-taking games, and I'm excited to partner with Renegade again to share the unique elements of this game with the world."

This will be the second game in the small card game line that began with The Blood of an Englishman by Dan Cassar. Future games in this line will release later this year. Look for it in hobby stores summer 2017. The Fox in the Forest will have an MSRP of $15, is designed for two players to enjoy for approximately 30 min per game, and will intrigue gamers ages 10 and up. 

Renegade Recieves 11 Golden Geek Nominations

Renegade Game Studios received a total of 11 Nominations across 8 categories with 6 different games being recognized. 

Clank!- Game of the Year, Card Game, Family Game, Innovative, Thematic Game,
The Blood of an Englishman - 2 Player Game
Lotus - Art and Presentation
World's Fair 1893 - Art and Presentation, Family Game
Honshu - Card Game
Lanterns: The Harvest Festival App - Best Board Game App

Voting is now open for the 11th Annual Board Game Geek Awards! Please take a moment to reflect on your favorite games of 2016 and cast your vote!


Renegade Companion App now includes Clank! 

by App Developer, Dire Wolf Digital

San Diego, CA (Feb 7th, 2017) — Renegade Game Studios™ and Dire Wolf Digital are excited to announce that an update to the freely available Renegade Game Studios Companion App has added bonus game content for the hit game Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure.
Clank! fans who download the free Renegade Game Studios Companion App will enjoy "Mini-Quests" that add even more excitement and replayability to the game. An official solo play mode also allows individual players to enjoy the game on their own. 

The app debuted in 2016 with flavorful companion support for the game FUSE, by adding a thematic 10-minute timer with a taunting voice-over to enhance the player's experience. While it is not required to enjoy the game, it does offer players a free upgrade to FUSE. The Clank! portion of the app is also a free, optional add-on. 

"While the FUSE portion of the app creates a thematic atmosphere, the Clank! content is entirely new and can change the outcome of games"  says Renegade President Scott Gaeta. "Clank!'s incredible popularity and expandable nature made it a natural choice for extra digital content within the Renegade Companion App.  "

“Game night around the table with family and friends is a special experience,” says Dire Wolf Digital President Scott Martins. “One of the things we look for when we sit down to play is ‘How can we make it even better?’ Blending table top and digital gaming opens up amazing possibilities for game design and replayability, and we’re pretty excited to be exploring them with Clank!

Dire Wolf Digital also created the acclaimed digital version of Lanterns: The Harvest Festival which is a separate, full game app available for iOS and Android.

You can find the Renegade Game Studios Companion App free for download here: 

Renegade Game Studios to release Shiba Inu House

San Diego, CA (Jan.  24th, 2017) — Renegade Game Studios™, the premier publisher of original games is pleased to officially announce Shiba Inu House, by designer Aza Chen. 

In Shiba Inu House, players race to place cards properly in order to create dog houses for the shiba inu that match the patterns shown on their goal cards. After eight rounds, the player with the highest score wins.

Shiba Inu loves sitting on the roof, staring at the sea, imagining that his master will make him a new dog house, imagining that there will be pork chops for lunch. Wait! Did someone just say pork chops? Shiba Inu is now drooling and jumping up and down on his roof…

"Kitty Paw is an enormous success and we are thrilled to be working with Aza Chen on another delightful project,"  says Renegade President Scott Gaeta. "Shiba Inu House is easy to learn but the whole family will find these little puzzles challenging!"

Look for Shiba Inu House at friendly local game stores and online March 2017. Shiba Inu House takes about 15-30 minutes to play and is for 1-5 players ages 6+. MSRP will be $20. The box contains the following components: 

  • 45 Shiba Inu Cards (9 per player)
  • 10 Level 1 Dog House Cards
  • 15 Level 2 Dog House Cards
  • 15 Level 3 Dog House Cards
  • 5 Scoring Cards
  • 45 Point Markers

FLATLINE Releasing in Spring 2017!

A FUSE Aftershock Game

San Diego, CA (Jan.  18th, 2017) — Renegade Game Studios™, the premier publisher of original games will release FLATLINE, a stand-alone game based in the FUSE universe. 

FLATLINE is a cooperative dice game set in the FUSE universe. Players must roll their dice and work to combine them with other players in order to properly treat arriving patients. Every round, players are racing against a one-minute timer and must deal with the needs of each wounded crew members, as well as other emergencies within the ER. Time is running out!

The flames are subsiding, the smoke is clearing, but your work is just beginning. You and your crew survived FUSE, but there is significant damage to your ship, there are injuries among your crew members, and the life support systems are failing. As the ship’s Medics, you must work together to treat the injured crew, while dealing with other emergencies that are being brought in at an unrelenting pace. You must work together, against the clock and against all odds, to treat all your patients before time runs out!

"FLATLINE really encourages players to work as a team,"  says Renegade President Scott Gaeta.  "Everyone will be racing against a clock each round and they must work together and communicate clearly if they want to save all the patients. It's intense but very satisfying. "

Look for FLATLINE at friendly local game stores and online Spring 2017. FLATLINE takes about 45 minutes to play and is for 1-5 players ages 13+. The box contains the following components: 

  • 4 Corner Board Pieces
  • 1 Center Board Piece
  • 1 Life Support Dial
  • 1 plastic connector
  • 40 Medic Dice (8 in each of the 5 player colors)
  • 2 Emergency Dice
  • 20 large Patient Cards
  • 29 Emergency Cards (18 standard Emergency Cards and 11 Stat Cards)
  • 4 Double-sided Power Meter tiles
  • 20 Cleared Tiles
  • 10 Power Cubes
  • 4 Lock-down tiles
  • 1 Player Aid
  • 1 Rulebook

Clank! Sunken Treasures Releasing in March!

Renegade Game Studios and Dire Wolf Digital to release
Clank! Sunken Treasures

 San Diego, CA (Jan.  12th, 2017) — Renegade Game Studios™, the premier publisher of original games and Dire Wolf Digital, a leading digital strategy game company, to release the first expansion to Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure. The expansion will feature an underwater setting and will be titled Clank: Sunken Treasures. 

Clank! Sunken Treasures is an expansion for Clank! A Deck Building Adventure. Players will explore two partially flooded maps with new Dungeon Deck cards, a new persistent monster to defeat, new environmental challenges, and more as they venture in the watery depths!

The challenge to prove your thieving skills has moved to new environments. You’d better know how to swim, as several rooms you’ll face have been completely flooded with water. Plus, of course, there’s always an angry dragon to avoid...
"Clank has been incredibly well received and fans are ready for more,"  says Renegade President Scott Gaeta.  "We are excited to offer bigger challenges, new dungeons, and some great surprises so quickly after the release. Dire Wolf has done a great job putting this expansion together and we can't wait to show it off. "

Dire Wolf Digital will be featuring Clank! on their booth #10641 at PAX South in San Antonio, TX Jan 27th - 29th. 

Look for Clank! Sunken Treasures at friendly local game stores and online in March 2017. Clank! A Deck-building Adventure is required to play this expansion. Clank! Sunken Treasures takes about 60 minutes to play and is for 2-4 players ages 13+. The MSRP will be $25. This expansion adds the following components: 

  • 1 Double–sided Game Board
  • 1 Market Board
  • 35 Dungeon Deck cards
  • 1 Goldfish card
  • 1 Major Secret Tokens
  • 2 Minor Secret Tokens
  • 2 SCUBA Market Tokens

Brick Party wins Creative Child Game of the Year Award

San Diego, CA (Nov. 28th, 2016)  – Renegade Game Studios is proud to announce that the upcoming new brick building game, Brick Party, has be selected by Creative Child Magazine as the Game of the Year in the Builder/Construction Games category. Brick Party is available at local hobby stores, Barnes & Noble, and online.  

Brick Party is a very simple game, allowing players to jump right in. Players work in teams using plastic building blocks to create designated shapes. However, only one player can see the shape while the other uses the blocks to build it. Communication is key as the players work together. As a great twist, each round, one communication or dexterity tool is removed. For example, the builders may have to build without using their thumbs, or architects may be blindfolded. Every play puts the participants in comical and memorable situations.

“There are very few games that teach communication skills better than Brick Party. Everyone has played with plastic building blocks so we already have an ingrained idea of what to do with them. Brick Party builds on that shared experience and encourages players to create something new together. It’s hard but very rewarding” explains Sara Erickson, Director of Sales and Marketing for Renegade Game Studios.  

Brick Party is available in North America. In Europe, it was released in 2015 and has been widely successful. English is the most recent localization. Information about the awards can be found here.