Knee Jerk

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Knee Jerk is a 10-minute party game for 4 to 8 players.

In Knee Jerk, you'll hear the start of a situation that you have to shout an ending to as fast as possible. For example: "I Feel Panicked At The Beach Because I Saw ______!" You can shout anything, like, "A shark!", "A smoke monster!" or even "My grandmother in a bikini!".

The fastest player to shout a valid answer wins the point, but you have to outwit your friends - if two or more players answer, the host player picks their favorite. The games moves rapidly, switching from scene to scene in seconds - from Your First Date to A Haunted Mansion to Outer Space!

The first player to gain 3 points is the winner. Learning and playing the game are quick - just like your knee-jerk reaction!


Number of Players: 4-8
For Ages: 9+
Playing Time: 10 Minutes
MSRP: $12.00

Game Box Contains:

  • 55 Scene Cards
  • 1 Rules Sheet
  • 1 Ultra-cool Tuck Box


Andrew Federspiel

Graphic designer

Mark Major



"Knee Jerk [gets people enjoying each other’s company], and it does it amazingly well … For that reason, the party game lover in me heartily recommends it." -Undead Viking

"Fast-paced, exhilarating, and so much fun!"

"I think you have a hit on your hands here." -Board Game Corner

"We ended up in tears laughing so hard" -Cloak and Meeple

"I would highly recommend it to the social gamers out there!" -The League of Nonsensical Gamers

"The sheer silliness of the situations will leave you laughing." -GMS Magazine

Knee Jerk is co-published by Knapsack Games.